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Rainier Pest Control is committed to providing the highest level of pest management. To do this we address every aspect of your home and property, just like we do for our own homes. We take time to get to know your home and really understand what is needed to get the job done. We're licensed to take care of issues throughout your entire property.

Yard and Property - Many pest problems originate in the yard and plant beds where insects find conditions that are perfect to growing colonies and developing into adults pests. We make sure to treat areas away from the home before they turn into problems in the home.

Crawlspace - You've likely never been down there! We don't blame you, it's a space none of us want to think about. With a three foot clearance we'll inspect on our initial visit and treat as needed. If it's not three feet, no problem, we've got effective ways to address issues.

Foundation - We treat the entire foundation of your home to create a barrier that makes it difficult for pests to move into your home. We'll gladly include a shed too if you'd like.

Entry Points - Even the most airtight home has numerous small areas where pests find harborage in cooler months and get inside your home. We meticulously treat exterior doors, windows, under siding, cracks/crevices, crawlspace vents, eave vents, etc.

Eaves - Each service includes a complete knockdown of spider webs and wasp nests. We'll also spot treat as needed to fortify against entry. Our knockdown includes around windows and even structures away from the home like a children's play place or pergola.

Inside - We can take care of all your pest needs with our regular outside maintenance. However, if a need comes up inside, no problem, we're happy to tackle the issue.

Four Seasons Pest Control

Customers love our four seasons approach to pest management. In the Pacific Northwest each season brings with it distinctly different pest issues. Did you know that a pest problem in the Summer can actually begin several seasons prior? Our quarterly service plan is thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of your property year round, ensuring that you have total peace of mind.

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Common Pest of the Pacific Northwest

We treat for numerous pests that are found in and around your home. Some of the more common pests we see are ants, spiders, yellow jackets, wasps, mice, box elder bugs, stink bugs, fleas and ticks. Not sure what's bugging you? No problem, we're happy to come have a look and design a plan that can keep you pest free!

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